Help CDFA Reduce Lost and Stolen Mobile Devices

Let’s face it smartphones are easy to snatch and take. A recent survey found that 3 out of 10 cell phone users between the ages of 35 and 54 have misplaced their device or had it stolen, as Kashmir Hill reports on  CDFA’s Information Security Office receives several incidents per month of lost and stolen devices that need to be reported and managed.

LOST: If you suspect your state smart phone or tablet is lost, time is of the essence. I recently lost my state cell phone and immediately reported it.  By reporting with the battery still charged, the phone was immediately located by our IT team. I was able to retrieve the phone from under the passenger seat of my car.

STOLEN:  Be Aware. Know your surroundings and be cognizant of your smartphone use behavior.  It’s best to not call attention to your smartphone and create an opportunity for a thief to steal it.  We most frequently receive lost and stolen reports such as stolen from a restaurant table or on the seat of a truck.

REPORT IT. If you know your smartphone is stolen, immediately notify the department’s Information Security Officer, Tim Tyler so we can avoid incurring charges on the usage. You must also report a stolen device to your local police department.

Robert Schmidt


About Robert Schmidt, Director Executive Office OITS

Mr. Schmidt is Agency Chief Information Officer and Director of Executive Office/IT Services for the California Department of Food & Agriculture. As a proven leader over a 20 year State IT career, he influences technology-related decisions and change across internal and external stakeholders statewide including 31 state departments, boards, and commissions. In Mr. Schmidt's prior roles at CTA and FTB he developed a reputation as the go to guy’ for execution of large-scale, complex projects and programs. His academic achievements are a true blend of business and technology as well with a Master's of Business Administration from CSU, Sacramento and Bachelor's in Computer Science from CSU, Chico.
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